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As previously stated we are in a pre-launch looking for LEADERS who are capable of building a significant marketing team. Let us know what you need from us to make you successful.

This is the only time we will be accepting direct to company Mobile Brand Partners. Once this phase is over, partners will only be able to enroll through an existing Mobile Brand Partner.

If you have been involved in any former or current mobile industry network marketing programs, I encourage you to read our open letter that explains why we will be here for the long haul.

I am asking for your commitment to be one of our founding leaders. If you do so today, you will pay no fee until we officially launch but it will guarantee your direct position as a company leader.

We are seeking leaders who fit one of two categories: Either you possess a track record of building successful direct marketing organizations or you can commit to bringing on 20 new brand partners in the first 30 days and provide training to those BP's to do the very same.

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