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An Open Letter to All participates of former Mobile programs.

I am about to launch an explosive new program called Mobile Revolution USA and I'm currently looking for leaders like YOU who have successfully built winning teams in this arena. Wireless is my business. I have seen other Mobile/Wireless programs start off with great interest and success only to eventually fail and the common denominator in those cases was the ownership was NOT in wireless nor did they understand the industry.

So let me clearly spell out for you why they failed.

1) Price point agreements are ticking time bombs: Since they were not really in the business they went out (bid out) and secured and a third party agreement for a set price. When you hold an agreement for a set price in wireless you are on a time bomb toward irrelevance. HISTORY dictates, that it is just a matter of time, 6 months maybe a little longer maybe a little sooner, that the industry will pass your agreement by in both value and pricing. By that time, going back to renegotiate is an impossibility. 

At Mobile Revolution, we have sound long standing relationships at every level from MVNE to Carrier, that always provides us with TODAY'S pricing, the industries strongest offers at that moment. Isn't this what consumers and brand partners want anyways... the strongest offers that compete in the market place?

2) Private branded products come with higher prices, stricter rules and stiffer penalties: The other thing that these failed companies do and have done is ask for products that they can brand to themselves (Big ego products I call them). Private branded or white label products have a time and a place but here they have spelled certain death

For starters, these products are typically higher price points than their brand name competitors. Additionally, the carriers are not fond of this type of business (this is one of those things that someone not in the business probably would not know). Since the carriers have all sorts of reservations about this type of business, they set more stringent rules and the penalties for violation are usually termination of the agreement. We have seen this over and over again that a program gets shut down for a violation of a renegade agent, but what you may not have known is why the rules were so strict and the penalties so high. 

When you sell the carriers products like Mobile Revolution, and not a private branded product, there is less scrutiny and if there is a renegade agent, the penalties are aimed at the offender not the program.

3) Imaginary or non-existent products: We've all seen it... a company launching pre-product availability. Only to have that product never become available or something much less than advertised is offered. Our products are available today, they are real and they are compelling to the consumers in both value and price.

We have an industry and product that has no ceiling in sight. I personally have put over 3500 companies (that's companies not individual agents, huge difference) into this business. I know of NO OTHER COMPANY who has launched a program like ours with this much success and industry experience.

I am asking you to join me today, become part of the Mobile Revolution.

Best regards, John

John Fazio
Founder / CEO
Mobile Revolution USA LLC

© 2015